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Support Bon Appétit on Billboard Hot 100!


If you do not live in the USA, you can still support Katy’s new single on Billboard Hot 100 by switching to an American IP, it’s very easy to support Bon Appétit on Spotify and Youtube. And we are going to teach you how!!

For those already in the United States, you can just keep streaming the music without switching your IP!



Download the extension “HOLA” on Google Chrome or Firefox by clicking on the link, install the extension and proceed to the next step;

Open the Bon Appétit audio on youtube, notice a small symbol added to your browser, that’s for the extension “Hola”, click on the icon and change the country to USA, once you reload the page, simply watch the video. Just remember: You must reload the page (F5) to count as a new view instead of just pressing replay.



By using spotify on a web browser, it’s possible to easily change your account’s address.

Just open the Spotify website and click on the HOLA extension icon to change the country to the United States.

Once you did this, open your profile and click on Account, Edit Profile, and “Country”, and change it to USA. You also need to put a ZIP code to save your changes, “10001” is a valid zip code.

 You can listen to Bon Appétit Feat. Migos. by clicking on the link.

Done! Now you can listen to Bon Appétit Feat. Migos. and help the song on the charts at the same time! Don’t forget to also buy it on iTunes!


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